Skater, a 13 year old short haired calico came into the clinic because she had stopped eating and started to vomit. After a physical exam and blood work, Dr. Janes diagnosed Skater with acute renal failure. Skater had a very small chance she would pull through from this extent of kidney damage. Her owners decided they wanted to try treatment and Skater was kept in hospital on IV fluids and medications. Skater was very feisty, and provided quite the challenge to work with initially. Once Skater had been on fluids and medications for about a day and started to feel better, her personality completely changed and now was a love bug to everyone. She continued to improve and start eating on her own. After 3 days in hospital Scooter went home. With extensive TLC, pampering from her loving owners, several rechecks and blood panels, Scooter has beaten the odds and recovered!