How to Build a shelter for your out door cats

This is an economic way to help out door cats stay warm this winter

Materials needed:

  • Two large plastic containers- one of the containers must be able to fit inside of the other with about a 2 inch clearance all the way around.
  • Straw or 1 inch ridged foam board that fits bottom of largest container
  • One roll of Duct tape
  • One large recyclable black plastic flower potout door cat 2
  • Sharpie


How to assemble:

  1. Cut bottom out of plastic flower pot.
  2. Trace entrance out using sharpie and flower pot onto largest rubber made containers.
  3. Cut out a round entrance in largest container.
  4. Place the 1 inch ridged foam or straw in the bottom of largest container.
  5. Place second smaller container on top of the foam or straw.
  6. Trace location of entrance onto smaller plastic container using the outer entrance as your guide.
  7. Remove smaller container from larger one and cut out the entrance.
  8. Replace the smaller container.
  9. Place black flower pot in both entrances.
  10. Secure Black flower pot with duck tape to both containers
  11. Fill remaining space between both containers with straw or foam board.
  12. Place lid on smaller container and cover remaining space with straw or foam board.
  13. Place the lid on the largest rubber made.
  14. Place finished cat shelter in an easily accessible area for cats to in joy.

out door cat 3