More Than Just The Scale

More Than Just The Scale

When evaluating your pet’s weight you cannot determine whether your pet is thin, healthy or overweight with the number on the scale alone. Even with in breeds there can be great variance on what a normal or healthy weight should be. The best way to determine where your pet sits is to determine how they rank on the body condition scale.

For Dogs:


For Cats:

Body Condition Score Chart For Cats


We commonly see overweight or obese pets. Many owners are not aware their pet is overweight. Weight loss in animals, like in people can be very challenging and often requires changes in the household. Cutting back on the amount of food, feeding a lower calorie food, cutting down and/or changing types of treats can all help. Monthly weigh ins, as well as frequent body condition scoring can track progress. We welcome our clients to come in just to weight their pets! For questions or to set up an individual weight loss plan please call the clinic!

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